But why?

Well, I certainly didn't expect to end up here, a blogger. In current times, pathogen have forced most of us to stay safely sheltered indoors, while essential workers on the front lines do their best to fend off a raging pandemic, as well as angry conspiracy-theory-wielding "patriots". As a member of the former group, I've found new voids to yell into; this is but one of them.

Let's talk first about how this blog came to fruition. I am an avid Facebook poster, and I often write long-winded pseudo-essays on a wide spread of topics. In the hopes to both preserve these essays when I write them in the future as well as to stop tormenting my Facebook friends, I built this site.

I hope to share interesting and engaging thoughts on topical events, my passion (software), and anything else that comes to mind - I've coined these bins currents, computers, and chaotics accordingly. My goal is to document my thoughts as well as provide others insight into things I think are important. Whether or not my prescriptive view of the world is valid or correct is up for judgement - I am, regretfully, only human, so please call out any inaccuracies in my writing. I hope you enjoy!