Hey! My name is Nick Young, and this is where I collect the things I write and share the things I create.

I'm interested in computers and mathematics broadly, but with a focus on databases, cryptography, and their intersection. I studied math and computer science at Brown University, where I helped build and run courses on databases and applied cryptography.

I work on query optimization at Databricks. Previously, I've worked on document databases at Stripe and developer experience at Bloomberg.

On the side, I blunder queens, lift objects, learn languages, mix drinks, play google maps, build keyboards, take photos, and play badminton. Talk to me about any of those things.

If you're looking to connect, let's chat via email. If you're looking for my code, check out my Github. If you're looking for my bar menu, check out bar.n-young.me. If you're looking for a good time, click here.