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My name is Nick Young, and I am currently completing a Concurrent Bachelor's and Master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at Brown University. This summer, I'll be working at Stripe. Previously, I've worked at Bloomberg, Stylindex, and Stochastic AI.

My experience lies in computer systems. On the side, I'm a portrait and travel photographer, badminton player, mechanical keyboard builder, and Minesweeper enthusiast. Please feel free to poke around my website and give me a shout if you'd like to connect!





Software Engineering Intern — Bloomberg

Intern at Bloomberg LP on the DevX Technology Infrastructure team.

Developed an adaptive connection pool in Python, reducing new connections by 98% and lowering latency by 50%. Critically, leveraged thread timeouts to ensure that the connection pool adapted to load.

Used internal telemetry tools to track connection pool performance metrics (size, number of connections granted); exposed data through a Grafana dashboard.

Presented the pool implementation to the entire DevX department, composed of 200+ engineers.

Website Python Javascript


Software Engineering Intern — Stochastic AI

Software Engineering Intern at Stochastic, a startup that delivers hardware-accelerated cloud computing for probabilistic machine learning.

Managed the web team and set up CI/CD for the website, web app, and backend using Github Actions and Netlify. Engineered the backend microservices architecture using GraphQL, Docker, Github Actions, and GCP. Designed and implemented a React app to deliver hardware-accelerated LDA analysis for scRNA sequencing. Initiated the company’s documentation effort, setting up internal and external documentation sites using Hugo.

Website Rust Apollo React Docker GCP


Full Stack Engineering Intern — Stylindex

Software Engineering Intern at Stylindex, a fully-remote fashion tech startup focused on connecting brands with top creative talent.

Developed an automated GraphQL emailing microservice using Rust, replacing a manual email scheduler. Revamped the internal analytics system by building new charts in React and tracking internal activity using Rust. Refactored old React components and modules to support Typescript.

Rust GraphQL React TypeScript



Head Teaching Assistant — Database Management Systems

Head TA for CSCI 1270 - Database Management Systems. Fall 2021.

Revamped course to operate in Go. Wrote assignments, autograders, and reference implementations on topics including SQL, paging, hash tables, b+tree indices, query processing, query optimization, concurrency, and recovery.

Wrote conceptual assignments, managed the TA team, developed the course website, and led course logistics.



Teaching Assistant — Discrete Structures and Probability

Undergraduate TA for CSCI 0220 - Discrete Structures and Probability. Summer 2021.

Held office hours, graded, and developed the course website.



Teaching Assistant — Software Engineering

Joint Socially Responsible TA & Undergraduate TA for CSCI 0320 - Software Engineering. Spring 2021.

Created new containerization (Docker), security (SQL injections), and accessibility assignments. Integrated 6 new ethics assignments into existing assignments. Course had 211 enrolled students. Taught in Java and Javascript.

Course Java SQL Docker Javascript React


Teaching Assistant — Accelerated Intro to CS

Joint Socially Responsible TA & Undergraduate TA for CSCI 0190 - Accelerated Introduction to Computer Science. Fall 2020.

Led coordination of lectures and labs on Discord. Wrote 11 new ethics assignments. Course had 114 enrolled students. Taught in Pyret.

Course Pyret



Undergraduate Research Assistant — Adversarial Thinking in CS Education

Worked with Professor Shriram Krishnamurthi to investigate adversarial thinking in beginner computer science students.

Analyzed student responses to ethics assignments using intercoder reliability. Published in ACM ICER 2021.




President — Full Stack at Brown

Manage ~175 members and ~30 client-facing projects. Oversee recruitment of new members, hiring of product managers, and coordinating of all project groups.

Organize and conduct a web bootcamp to teach HTML, CSS, JS, React, and SQL to new members every semester.

Led workshop development for Hack@Home, the club’s virtual hackathon.

Website React Native Node.js Express GCP


Lead Web Developer — Brown Political Review

Lead a team of four to maintain the Brown Political Review website on LAMP and Wordpress.

Implemented mobile support, article comments, author profile pages, and optimized Schema.org microdata.

Website Wordpress PHP Sass



TRustDB — Timeseries Database for High-cardinality Data.

Built a highly performant time-series database in Rust. Leverages boolean logic-based query optimization to achieve up to 250x speedup in query evaluation, bit-level compression on time series records, and finite-state transducers-based indexing strategies to remain time- and space-efficient for incredibly high cardinality data. Completed as part of a research project for CSCI 2270 - Managing and Mining Massive Time Series.

Paper Repo Rust


Goo — Minimal Sitebuilding using YAML and Markdown.

Designed and built a static site generator that uses YAML and Markdown files to specify and generate the structure of the website. Supports partials, data injection, inline math, :joy:-like emojis, and much more.

Repo Go


Gomoku — Connect Five!

Built a Gomoku app using React, Express, and Socket.io. Features include multiplayer, chat, and win detection.

Play! Repo React Express Socket.io


OxySAT — SAT Solving

Built a DPLL-powered SAT solver with custom heuristics to optimize satisfiability search, built in Rust, tested using an automated oracle built in Python. Compatible as a backend for the Forge model-checking language Completed as part of a project for CSCI 1710 - Logic for Systems.

Repo Rust


DeepKart64 — Mario Kart Solved?

Designed and implemented DeepKart64, a reinforcement learning model built to play Mario Kart 64 on the N64. Used a pre-build Mario Kart 64 OpenAI gym wrapper alongside Tensorflow to build the agent. The model utilized a convolutional encoder to interpret the visual game state and a REINFORCE with baseline model to determine actions and rewards.

Completed as part of a final project for CSCI 1470 - Deep Learning at Brown University. Worked with three other team members. Primarily contributed to development setup, model tweaking, and command line integrations.

Repo Tensorflow Python Docker GCP


Droppy — File sharing simplified.

Developed Droppy, a quick and easy way of sharing files securely. Simply upload a file, and optionally attach a note, an expiration date, or a password, then autogenerate a link to share the files with others!

Implemented the front end in React. The back end was built with Rust using Rocket. Files are stored in AWS S3, metadata is stored seperately in MongoDB. Deployed on Netlify and GCP.

Demo Repo Rust React GCP AWS MongoDB


ParselTongue — Smart paper parsing.

Built ParselTongue, an academic paper skimmer, as a final project for CSCI 0320 - Software Engineering. With just a few keywords, ParselTongue finds the most salient parts of academic papers to your described topics, saving countless hours of research.

Implemented the front end using Freemarker templates, and used Java and Apache Spark for user validation, persistence, and data handling. Database was implemented in MongoDB. Back end relies on the PageRank algorithm to search PDFs for semantic covariance.

Demo Java Javascript HTML/CSS MongoDB


LinguaML — "On the go" language learning.

LinguaML is a computer-vision powered language learning app designed for on-the-go learners. With just a picture of your subject, flashcards for any language are generated within seconds and saved in the app. You can view, study, edit, and share flashcards with your friends!

LinguaML was conceived and developed at Hack@Brown 2020. It won the Facebook award for "Best hack that builds community through private or small-group interaction".

Repo React Native Node.js Google Vision API



Brown University

Computer Science Courses

  • Accelerated Intro to CS
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • Introduction to Computer Systems
  • Database Management Systems
  • Deep Learning
  • Logic for Systems
  • Topics in Database Management (Graduate Level)
  • Advanced Probabilistic Methods in CS (Graduate Level)
  • Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • Design and Implementation of Programming Languages
  • Compilers and Program Analysis
  • Distributed Computer Systems
  • Computer Networks

Math Courses

  • Linear Algebra
  • Statistical Inference I
  • Introduction to Discrete Structures and Probability
  • Abstract Algebra
  • Graph Theory
  • Number Theory
  • Cryptography

Other Coursework


  • Deep Learning Specialization
  • Machine Learning
  • COVID-19 Contact Tracing
  • Bloomberg Market Concepts